An argumentative essay is the most common type of essay that students are to write during their academic careers. As it is the most common, yet very difficult, argumentative essays are important for the students.

It observed that students think writing an argumentative essay is a difficult task. Writing an argumentative essay is a technical thing to do, and it requires experience to write an exceptionally good argumentative essay. Similarly, the prerequisite of writing an argumentative essay is to have an argumentative topic.

There are two routes of finding the debatable topic; the generally adopted route experiences, and the other route is the one that smarter people take. Most people learn this skill with experience. However, if you understand the concept of a debatable topic, things might turn out to be easy for you. Otherwise, look for contemporary topics, and have two logical sides.

In debatable topics, people from both camps of different perspectives present logical arguments to support their claims. Following are some easy argumentative essay topics that you might consider writing on:

  1. Should women be given the right to abortion?
  2. Should higher education be free for everyone?
  3. Should students have limited internet access?
  4. Is the current education system effective in terms of job acquisition?
  5. Why are US citizens becoming more obese?
  6. Artificial intelligence is a curse or cure?
  7. Will AI and automation take over the job market?
  8. Does a human fetus have a proper moral standing?
  9. Will people start marrying machines?
  10. Will algorithms take control of our lives?
  11. Should gun rights be regulated?
  12. Should alcohol consumption be controlled?
  13. Should marijuana be legal?
  14. Is marijuana harmful?
  15. Are energy drinks safe?
  16. Is it fair to use animals for experimental purposes?
  17. Should we reduce meat consumption?
  18. Which is more important, IQ or EQ?
  19. Will the rise of China be the fall of the USA?
  20. Is China a threat to the first world?
  21. Is US withdrawal from Afghanistan a rational decision?
  22. Is the US withdrawal from Afghanistan a total surrender?
  23. Is Taliban rule legitimate?
  24. Did Pakistan play a double game in Afghanistan?
  25. Did the US make the Taliban?
  26. Did the US abandon its partners in Afghanistan?
  27. Is the Coronavirus a manmade disease?
  28. Will there be a world war again?
  29. Did the treaty of Versailles trigger WWII?
  30. Did NPT stop nuclear proliferation?

Now let us look at some persuasive essay topics. A persuasive essay, according to general or academic perspective, is a piece of academic writing that helps a writer to express his ideas about a specific topic of discussion and helps him generate certain perceptions in his readers about his opinion through evidence; effectively commemorating it.

The selection of persuasive essay topics may be one of the most important yet challenging parts of the writing process.

I’ve put up a massive selection of good persuasive essay topics for you to choose from.

Topic ideas:

1. Should interns be compensated for their efforts?

2. Should all children at public schools be required to receive vaccinations?

3. Is there an advantage to purchasing an automobile over leasing one?

4. Is there a moral imperative to assist those in need?

5. Being a vegetarian has its drawbacks.

6. Should exotic wild creatures like monkeys and tigers be allowed as pets?

7. Should high school journalists be entitled to First Amendment protection?

8. Instead of letter grades, some colleges use pass/fail grades.

9. Reasons why R-rated films should be off-limits to teens

10. Is it a good idea to compensate individuals who walk or ride their bikes to work?

11. What effect will Brexit have on the United Kingdom?

12. Should the death penalty be abolished?

13. Should older folks be able to take the bus for free?

14. Women should compete in the same sports as men for a variety of reasons.

15. Should professors and instructors be objective in the classroom?

16. Is it obligatory to tip waiters and waitresses in restaurants?

17. What are the arguments for legalizing human cloning?

18. Can renewable energy be advantageous?

19. What effect does the media's promotion of beauty standards have?

20. Does the media cause the moral decay of teenagers?

21. Is it necessary for all pupils to study a foreign language?

22. Is internet learning or homeschooling a good method to learn?

23. Should standardized testing determine if you advance to the next grade level?

24. Should college students who participate in sports get paid?

25. Should it be compulsory for all athletes to go through drug tests?

26. Should wealthy people pay higher taxes?

27. Should it be compulsory for all athletes to go through drug tests?

28. Should all athletes be paid equally regardless of their gender?

29. Are athletes allowed to use steroids in some cases?

30. Do college teams need funding?

Choosing topics for informative speech for a college assignment is a most boring and dreadful task for the students. However, some students don’t pay attention to this step and end up being stuck while writing an informative speech.

It is important to choose the appropriate and interesting topic for your informative speech to be able to compose a highly professional and well-structured speech.

  1. Importance of Higher Education
  2. Deforestation
  3. Impact of population on the economy
  4. Advantages of E-learning
  5. E-learning vs Classroom learning
  6. Should schools give homework
  7. How to grow professionally
  8. An accurate measure of success
  9. Significance of social media
  10. Different ways of teaching
  11. Importance of homeschooling
  12. What are artificial intelligence and its significance in the current world
  13. Is IOT successful in the current era?
  14. How a smart home works
  15. Importance of Cybersecurity
  16. Social media
  17. What is the future of finance
  18. Future of cryptocurrency
  19. Will robots replace humans?
  20. Impacts of global warming on the environment
  21. What is mental illness
  22. Social media addiction
  23. Impact of energy efficiency
  24. Rise of Entrepreneurship
  25. What are the qualities of a leader?
  26. How to bridge a gap between public and private
  27. Fighting patriarchy
  28. Understanding of genders and sex
  29. How stock market investment works
  30. Role of women in economic development

I hope you will find the best topic for your essay or speech. The real task comes when you have to write an actual speech yourself. I understand it is difficult to construct a well-structured and appealing speech for students.