Mastering the art of argumentation is a skill that will never let you lose any debates. Whether it is an academic argumentation session or a writing assignment that requires you to write an argumentative essay. Every other day, you might find yourself arguing about something. It can be a social or political issue or anything related to any subject and if you do not know the basics of argumentation, there is a possibility that you might lose an argument even when your claims are strong.
In addition to verbal argumentation, you might find yourself in situations where your teacher might ask you to write an argumentative essay and you would have to organize your claims and thoughts in the form of writing. An argumentative essay lets you understand the claims and counterclaims about a particular subject or topic. It allows you to convince the readers about your stance.
It is not always easy to convince the audience because they might have some claims and evidence against your stance. I used to contemplate a lot about the claim and counterclaim in the argument whenever I sat down to write my essay. The best argument is where you are able to understand and respond to their concerns. It's like you are going back and forth using a single piece of the puzzle, in an attempt to fit it into a whole scenario and make it work to your advantage. This piece of the puzzle is equivalent to understanding the claim and counterclaim and if you know the difference, then you are more likely to solve the puzzle.

The main facet of an argument is its claims and counterclaims as they form the basis of your convincing skills. So, it is very important to understand the difference between the claim and counterclaim and why they are needed. Understanding claims and counterclaims will help you to carry your thoughts to your audience and smash the floor or essay with your strong stance.
Understanding the Claim
The claim refers to the main reason for which you are taking a stance. It’s the proper way of declaring why you are taking a particular stance. Most students think that claims are based on personal opinions. However, you are making a big mistake here because if you bring your personal opinion into the argument then you can easily lose the game.
Claims are not based on personal opinion but you make a claim based on your knowledge and research. Consider it as buying a new cell phone and you have to convince your parents why you need it. If you say "I just need it because my phone’s model is old" and "I think I should upgrade it now", then you are getting yourself in trouble.
However, if you do some research and find technical facts about your phone's model and make your parents understand what you need due to the upgrading features and the modifications, you might win the argument and convince your parents.
The same goes for essay writing; you have to give your audience and teachers strong claims based on your research. A good essay writer is always one who relies on research and strong scientific-based evidence to make a claim about a topic. Use these claims in the essay and you can nail your argumentative essay easily.
For Example,
Why should children not be allowed to use mobile phones?
  1. Children at a young age are vulnerable and might wrongly use technology because they are prone to getting misguided and making mistakes.
  2. Physical activities are more important and the constant use of technology such as smartphones can limit the opportunities for communal and social exposure.
  3. They face bullying and negative remarks on social media which might harm their mental health.

Understanding the Counterclaim
Counterclaims are the opposite of claims as you have to acknowledge the other or opposite side of the argument and include their stance in your paper. Every argument has two sides and you have to figure out which counterclaim can be made against your argument. It prepares you to stand up against the questions that can be asked by the opposing side.
It is difficult yet interesting to understand the claim of the other side and include it in your paper. It is like listening to the criticism of your paper and responding to it in a constructive manner. This part makes your essay interesting and convincing for the readers.
In an argumentative essay, you need to write a paragraph on the counterclaim and elaborate on the claim of the opposite. If you find it difficult then you can always seek help from an online essay writing service and they can help you with writing it. With their help, you can construct a good sub-claim paragraph.
For example,
Your counterclaim sentence always starts with a particular phrase such as
  1. Those who oppose the argument claim that
  2. The opposing side states that
  3. Some people might disagree
  4. The other side can claim that
Always remember, your argumentative essay is incomplete without a claim and counterclaim. You have to figure out the ways in which you would want to incorporate your claims and counterclaims. Claims are somehow easy to write but for a counterclaim, you have to think, do your research, and figure out the counterclaim of the opposite side. An understanding of the claim and sub claim can make your argumentative essay strong, so make time and invest in both points.
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